A Welcome Post

Hi Everyone

This is my welcome post for EDTECH 501 where I ‘ll be telling you a little bit about myself and what brought me to the MET program.

I’ve lived with my husband in the Tacoma/Seattle WA area for about 10 years. We have some critters – 3 cats and a big Newfoundland/golden mix named Zeke; we do crazy things like restoring old wooden boats and classic cars and more normal things like hiking, camping, and stargazing. I’ve always been into photography, illustration and designing websites, so I try to feed that creative side in almost everything I do. Lately my husband has taken to racing Formula Vee cars so now I’m the pit crew and team photographer.

This is actually one of my last few classes in the EDTECH program. I transferred over from the Instructional and Performance Tech program a few years ago and just finished up my certificate work in online teaching for adults. Now I’m completing core courses for the MET and hope to be working on my final portfolio next spring.

When I started this adventure, I was working part time at a local community college – Pierce College – as a web assistant in the marketing department and teaching online for the business department.
About halfway through my course work at BSU, I had the opportunity to interview for a full time instructional designer position at Pierce. My experiences in the MET program and what I had been able to learn and create in my grad classes (up to that point) definitely paid off! I was offered the position and have been working as the first instructional designer for Pierce for the past year.

I’m excited to take this course – I’ve already learned a lot I didn’t know about Google+ and Blogger – and see this as a chance to step back and get a big picture view of educational technology. And it’s great to be back in an online learning community again with education and teaching professionals.

Here’s a quick slideshow to sum up my post.