• Feed Me! RSS in Education

    I learned quite a lot this week about something that I take totally for granted. Really Simple Syndication or RSS, is the mechanism used to allow users to curate information and content from a variety of websites, blogs and other content providers on the World Wide Web. Rather than visiting each site individually to read […]

  • Elements of Educational Technology

    I found this assignment kept coming back to what each of the definition’s elements mean to me personally – very much related to what I do every day as an instructional designer, but slightly different if I put on my hats as an online teacher or as an instructional strategist. It also confirmed my belief […]

  • twitter_collage

    Into the Twittersphere

    This has been a serious Tweet week so far. Serious in that we have been asked to set up a series of Twitter hashtags and follow them over the course of the remainder of class this summer. I’ve followed hashtags at conferences, but this will be the first time I attempt to follow several hashtags that aren’t […]

  • Evaluation of Technology Use – Edtech 501

    Evaluation of Technology Use This week I had the chance to evaluate the technology maturity of my institution using the Technology Maturity Benchmarks. We looked at the use of technology through several different filters and rated aspects of behaviors and resources for each category. I tried not to be biased in my evaluation of each […]

  • whatpolicy

    Why Have a Social Media Policy?

    I knew this was coming. An assignment to create a social media policy. I’ve danced around this topic before – not in a grad class but when I worked in a marketing and communications department not so long ago. And the topic has followed me to my new position as an instructional designer. Why should […]

  • stopwatch graphic

    A Digital Footprint Strategy

    This week in class we were asked to consider the state of our digital presence and develop ideas and plans that we could implement to improve or expand our digital footprint. There are many things to consider when thinking about crafting an online presence and it gets more complicated if you are hoping to be active […]