Digital Divide / Digital Inequality: Minding the Gap

This week our class jumped into the issues and concepts around the idea of access and use of technology. I knew of the terms digital divide and digital inequality, but learned much more through my research about the important distinctions between the two. Let’s say I had “surface” knowledge – this was a chance to dig deeper and try to frame the issues in a way that can help me in my work in the community college system.  What I learned this week gives me some resources and ideas for programs, training and conversations we might need to look at for the college.

This was also a multi-media assignment, so I decided to try something different than a slide presentation. I hope I was able to make my video fairly quick paced and I really wanted to incorporate graphics and animation with it being distracting.  It did go almost 10 minutes though, and I think that’s pushing the boundaries for a viewer’s attention.

I decided to deliver it via YouTube for a couple of reasons – it’s easily shared and embedded in my blog and YouTube has one of the easiest methods I’ve found to create closed captioning. I saved my script as a .txt file and uploaded it, letting YouTube do the syncing. Works pretty well.  You can see the closed captioning script by clicking on the CC button on the control menu.

I was reminded of something that I already knew about creating multi-media. It takes a lot of time to script things out, find appropriate graphics and then assemble a presentation. I did try a new approach this time – scripting first, then finding graphics and assembling. While hard to resist the temptation to just start recording something, writing things out first really made a difference when it came to making changes later.  If I were going to make changes or improve this video, I would add a resources page at the end of the video itself – they are in the transcript right now – and I would take a bit more time to find graphic styles that are more consistent.

The video transcript can be viewed here:
RPhoenix_Digital Divide Video Transcript