Elements of Educational Technology

I found this assignment kept coming back to what each of the definition’s elements mean to me personally – very much related to what I do every day as an instructional designer, but slightly different if I put on my hats as an online teacher or as an instructional strategist.

It also confirmed my belief that the concept, field and profession of ‘educational technology’ will always be evolving and changing as things change with any or all of the 13 elements mentioned in this chapter. Order of importance or emphasis can also change depending on the education environment – K-12, community college or four-year institutions to name a few.

So I shouldn’t get too comfortable with this current definition. New theories will continue to rise out of the research and data will continue to inform best practices in education for as long as there are faculty and students to study.

Perhaps the best stance I can take at this point is to remain curious an open to discussion and debate, stay connected to other professionals in the field and keep a critical eye on emerging trends and technologies. And keep my thinking cat on (this all sounds like graduate school!)

Renee Phoenix -Elements of a Definition in Educational Technology