Evaluation of Technology Use – Edtech 501

Evaluation of Technology Use

This week I had the chance to evaluate the technology maturity of my institution using the Technology Maturity Benchmarks.
We looked at the use of technology through several different filters and rated aspects of behaviors and resources for each category.

I tried not to be biased in my evaluation of each category and actually gave high marks to several areas where I know we’ve put a lot of energy and money into. But support and innovation were problem areas that I know need improvement. I also have experience at the college at several different levels – I am part-time faculty as well as full-time support staff in a technology related department – so I have my own set of filters to draw from.

One big takeaway for me this week is that planning and implementing technology into an organization or institution is complicated. And not for the faint of heart. There are many factors to consider and if you are not taking into account behavioral changes and resource availability, technology use can stagnate at the lowest stages of implementation in some areas. I’m also convinced that while buying, installing and integrating the hardware and software for technology is pretty straightforward if the money is there, figuring out how to get people to use the technology to its fullest potential is where the real keys to faculty and student success can be found.

Overall, my institution is Integrated. It ranked very high in several areas, especially in the Connectivity Filter. We have a distinct advantage over many institutions that are trying to tackle technology since we can tap into state funded enterprise systems and services that have been put in place for all community colleges in our state to use if they so choose.

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