What is Connectivism?

I first heard about the theory of connectivism after reading some posts on a blog called  elearnspace.org. Largely curated by George Siemens, the Associate Director of R&D LTC at University of Manitoba, CA. , he also blogs at http://www.connectivism.ca/

He, along with Stephen Downes, who works for the National Research Council of Canada and blogs at http://www.downes.ca/, facilitated the etMOOC course this spring that I participated in for several weeks. For those you new to the term,

For those you new to the term, a MOOC is a massive open online course where thousands of participants take part in a global and free online course. This one happened to be centered around educational technology, but I’ve also been in a Social Media MOOC and several other courses over the past two years.

Anyway, back to connectivism – Siemens and Downes often publish articles and presentations on this theory that lays out how networks and connections are integral to learning in digital  age and that social networking, educational technology and the Internet amplifies these connections and enhances learning.

Below are links to a presentation by Siemens and an article by Downes that will get you started on what the theory of connectivism and connectivist learning is all about.

What is Connectivism? – George Siemens (presentation)

Connectivism: A Learning Theory for the Digital Age – George Siemens (article)

Connectivism and Connective Knowledge – Stephen Downes (blog post)